A TRANSFORMATIVE NON-FICTION WRITING PROGRAM FOR MULTI-PASSIONATES AND CREATIVE HUMANS LIKE YOU. Discover the step-by-step framework to write and share your own real-life stories that'll make readers swoon. 




Writing is a challenge. You're embarrassed to admit how long it takes to write an email. Your mind freezes and nothing ends up on the page. You journal here and there but are convinced that it doesn’t make you a real writer. You have ideas and dreams but making anything from them is a whole other story.


You know you CAN improve and are tired of wondering:

...Yet you fall back into bingeing Netflix, immersing yourself in someone else's stories — when all you really want is for people to connect with your work that same way.




What if people were that obsessed with what you create?


It's time to stop second guessing your desire. You deserve to be known through the words you write. And your best material has been hiding right in front of you, in your everyday life.

Remember back when writing felt easier?

You'd write freely, letting your sloppy, misspelled words on the page without judgement or worry. But, along the way, you lost the flow and got stuck in fear and doubt. You're not alone. My journey was the same. Even while writing professionally, it was a struggle. That was, until I started writing stories about my own life. People finally saw me and my work — whether I was creating a book, blog post, photography concept, or sharing an illustration. I became a stronger writer and unabashedly myself, all at once. 


Let's rekindle the writing magic!

It's all within reach.


AFTER THIS PROGRAM you'll be ready to write engaging:

Blogs • Newsletters • Books • Zines • Social media posts • Songs • Poems • Podcasts • Photoshoot concepts & more.


Here's what's inside:

Module 1 • IDENTIFY
You'll shape your unique storytelling angle — they say every story's been told before, but yours hasn't (and it doesn’t have to be a memoir.)

Module 2 • DEVELOP
Craft one-of-a-kind stories by combining your personal experiences with the things you love. 

Module 3 • CREATE
Learn "simple but powerful" secrets that'll completely change how you approach writing. 

Module 4 • GET
Present your story and find eager humans to engage with your work.

Lifetime access & course updates
Exclusive pre-work module
Plus surprises along the way!



Morgan's class was a terrific experience. Through her clear instructions and constructive critiques, I definitely gained valuable insights into the writing process.

Rajaraman R.

Morgan was very supportive in terms of giving constructive feedback and making my assignments better. She also helped me to understand concepts better and how to make the best use of them.

Gergana G.

This class definitely helped me improve my writing and look at my stories from another, more interesting perspective.

Rachael G.

A great starting point to jump start your brain, this class was perfect for me. (I'm a terrible procrastinator but have always wanted to be a published author.) This class gave me the tools to get the ball rolling on my story, gave me ideas for getting more book ideas, and Morgan was easy to understand.

Julie B.

The step-by-step breakdown of the writing process is very well done, and helps alleviate some of the overwhelm that can come when writing a story.

Paul W.

This is a great class. The materials for the project are fun, original, and really got me thinking sideways. Morgan's enthusiasm is infectious, and her support has been great. You'll come away with a fresh way of looking at your writing, and a bunch of new techniques to use. Go for it!

It's time to give yourself the permission to write!

Don't keep:

✖️ Relying on fill-in-the-blank templates that make you sound like everyone else (ummm, defeating the whole purpose of standing out!)

✖️ Waiting for a software like Scrivener to do the work for you (spoiler-alert: it can't.)

✖️ Staying stuck spinning your wheels, comparing yourself to others (why keep that up when you’re already just as talented?)

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ENVISION THIS • Messages pour into your inbox, each one thanking you for sharing your story — people just can’t get enough! And, best of all, you’re admired and seen for exactly who you are.

That’s your reality. It’s waiting for you, right here. In this program, you’ll access everything you need to write what you've always wanted to and transform your life.


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Meet Morgan


Morgan Lindsay Nelson is a photographer, weekend graphic novelist, and online educator, with a mission to help people feel confident and inspired to write creative non-fiction.

Her love of teaching began back as a teacher's assistant at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and has grown to help others learn new skills in some of her favorite creative topics: writing, art, graphic design, and comic creation.

Morgan's work has been featured on HelloGiggles, StyleCaster, Design for Mankind, and Skillshare.

Rediscover your voice and the power of your own experiences.