Bad days & how dreaming isn't just about #goals

Have YOU been having bad days recently? Sometimes I wonder if it’s something in the air or planets…for example, just weeks ago, I woke up sneezing (super rare for me!) and heard the next day that there was some kind of a solar wind around that same time—an event which causes things to be off like that! Who knows what’s been going on out there in the stratosphere since then… 

Lately, it’s been a TRYING time for me—so many reality checks, so much everyday stuff has turned into scary things that I’ve feared for, well, most of my life. Now that they’re actually happening I’d be a big fat liar to say that it hasn’t been weighing me down. I’ve found myself stewing and living in my head more than flowing and taking action on the things I want.

But just the other day, I stood back and REALIZED: I can’t let the difficulty of a moment take me out of the game.

When I look back at some of the last FILMS I’ve watched and completely lost myself in, they were all full of so many difficult situations…peril, trauma, and trials (umm…The Maze Runner!) These kinds of films made me think of how sometimes we get wrapped up in the idea that LIFE has to be pretty, shiny, and perfect in order to get what we want, but it doesn’t. In these movies, shit happens (albeit on an extreme level) but action is taken, friends are made, love is found, and, most importantly, the HERO/HEROINE grows, finding themselves stronger and better for it all.

Sometimes I forget I’m the heroine of my own life (and you are in yours!) And in writing this, I’m reclaiming it. Because to DECLARE that is to accept that I am stronger than I think and that there is beauty in that and in the world. It’s hidden all around. It’s life’s greatest scavenger hunt for us: locating the good and the positive in every situation. 

To me, DREAMS are an essential part of the good and positive. And we often forget the limitlessness of our dreams. Not just the goal type of dreams (dream of winning an Oscar, dream of dancing with the Rockettes, etc.) but the everyday kind. The kind of dream, whether at day or night, where our subconscious fills us full of possibility and surrounds us with inspiration. We can’t put a cap on that. Ever. Even if difficult times make us want to retreat. They’re always with us…the dreams, they’re the material and tools that can FUEL us in the act of creating.

It’s like what the author Richard Bach said: “You’re never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.”


We’re more POWERFUL and strong and brave for being us and bringing forth our creations into the world. Don’t stop. Don’t let bad days get you down. Let your inner hero/heroine reign!

Here’s to your dreams and all their glory,
💕 Morgan

Morgan NelsonComment